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Classic Equine ESP™ Wool Top Pad



Číslo produktu: CESPW32-17-BK/TQ
Výrobce: Equibrand
Běžná cena 6 295 Kč (239 EUR)
Naše cena bez DPH: 4 525 Kč (172 EUR)
Naše cena s DPH (21 %):
5 475 Kč (208 EUR)

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Popis výrobku:

Top layer is a heavy, custom weave 100% New Zealand Wool blanket which is long lasting, durable, and good looking; oil tan wear leathers. 1/2" memory foam middle layer is extremely conforming and temperature sensitive. It continuously molds and conforms to the shape of the back then rebounds to its original shape when pressure is removed. This minimizes pressure points and relieves body stress. It is open cell, allowing airflow through the cells and pulling sweat away from the horse. 5/8" orthopedic grade felt bottom soaks up moisture, allowing heat to dissipate away from your horse's back. It conforms to the horses back while maintaining density, and provides excellent shock absorption. The ESP is a convenient one-pad system perfect for all disciplines.