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Hobby Horse Lariat Show Vest



Číslo produktu: 2604
Výrobce: Hobby Horse
Běžná cena 4 470 Kč (170 EUR)
Naše cena bez DPH: 2 227 Kč (85 EUR)
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2 695 Kč (102 EUR)

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Lasso a great vest look with Lariat! Soutache braid is studded with tiny shimmering sequins to add shine and interest to this fitted lace show vest. Featherweight lining keeps you cool and comfortable; Lariats pair perfectly with our Solstice blouses, too. Pretty purple vest adds color to your show presentation; swirling golden soutache braid and tiny sequins bring bling to the fitted look. Pair with our Solstice blouse. Poly/spandex, hand wash.