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Hobby Horse Lowrider Show Pants

Klasické vytvarované kalhoty na Showmanship nebo pod chapsy.



Číslo produktu: 558-001-30
Výrobce: Hobby Horse
Varianta: Dámské
Hobby Horse - woman´s pants
Běžná cena 1 695 Kč (64 EUR)
Naše cena bez DPH: 1 236 Kč (47 EUR)
Naše cena s DPH (21 %):
1 495 Kč (57 EUR)

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Lowrider show pants fit slightly lower on the waist than our Classic show pants but have the same strong fabric and trim-fitting style.

An updated version of our best-selling show pants, Low Riders are trimmer in the hip and leg and are about 1 1/2" lower-waisted. Side zip, unhemmed. Sizes 36, 38 and 40 have elasticized back waist. Poly, machine wash.