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Horse Master HargoPhyt (dewil claw) 5l



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harpagophytum ‘‘Griffe du Diable’’.


HARGOPHYT is recommended for horses and ponies that suffer from joint and muscular problems and is also used as a treatment to aid the healing of equine degenerative bone disease. Properties:The harpagophytum is ancestraly known for its natural soothing virtues.HARGOPHYT is a feed supplement to restore flexibility on aging and stiff horses.HARGOPHYT soothes horses subject to stiffening at beginning or end of workouts.


Technical description:


Moisture 99% Crude protein 0,1% Crude ash < 0,1% Additives per kilo :harpagophytum: 50%Plant extracts:Horsetail, Blackcurrant, Calendula officinalis, Heartsease.


Usage instructions:


Feeding guideHorses in maintenance may be given 50 ml daily, routinely mixed in their feed, or directly over the back of thetongue.Horses in training: 100 ml per day for 5 days before an intensive workFormulated for horses - Keep out of reach of childrenStore in a cool dry place - Shake well before use - Reseal well after each use.