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Horse Master DoloPhyt Flash 30ml



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Flexibility and availability in working.


DOLOPHYT acts quickly for the management locomotive ailments:- Stiff back and limbs.- Irregular gait.- Pains ( muscles, joints and tendons).- Rapid results.Contains No Doping substance.For use with sport horses and older horses.DOLOPHYT is an efficient product which can be used for both ompetition and racing to resolve equine locomotive problems.Properties:DOLOPHYT is a natural feed supplement made from plants extracts selected for their anti-inflammatory properties.Flexibility, efficiency and availability in working.


Technical description:


Sodium chloride, dextrose.Analytical constituentsMoisture 96.8 %Crude ash 3.2 %Crude protein 0.2 %Crude fat < 1 %Crude fiber.< 1%Sensory additives: Meadowsweet, thyme, licorice and others.Preservative: ethanol.


Usage instructions:


Feeding guide Shake well before use.For a 500kg horse : give 30 ml per day during the 4 last days before race and 30 ml themorning of the event day.For old horses or chronic joint trouble : give 15 ml per day.Formulated for horses - Keep out of reach of children.Shake well before use - Reseal after each use.