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Majestic Winter Deer with Heatlock Lining Gloves (LARGE)

Zimní rukavice z jelenicové kůže a vnitřním fleecem.




Číslo produktu: 81-12 LG
Běžná cena 595 Kč (23 EUR)
Naše cena bez DPH: 409 Kč (16 EUR)
Naše cena s DPH (21 %):
495 Kč (19 EUR)

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Winter Deer
Men's Deer Suede Leather Gloves - with HeatLok ™ Thermal Insulation 

Color Backside: Black

Color Palm: Tan

NEW! These gloves are constructed of soft Tan Genuine Deer Suede Leather palms with High-Tech Polyester Fleece backs in black. These gloves are fully insulted with HeatLok to ensure warmth. 

The underside and palm portion of the gloves are made of deerskin leather suede, with a reinforced section across the palm. The exterior back portion of the gloves are soft low nap high-tech polyester fleece for stretchability, added comfort and warmth. T
he interior of the gloves are also lined in warm soft low nap high-tech polyester fleece. A layer of HeatLok  Thermal Insulation helps to keep the cold out and your hands warm. These gloves also feature an elastic band at the wrist for a snug warm fit. Gloves are made by Winter Deer.

Machine washable! Just turn gloves inside out and hang dry!